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Printable Documents

If you have just scheduled your first session with me, this information might help answer some basic questions, like what can I expect during and after my session, where do I park, and what if I have to cancel. Please read this page to answer those questions!

As is customary for the initial session, I have all new clients fill out a Confidential Intake Form.  This form has many purposes, but mainly it is a starting point for us to discuss your health history.  

To allow more time for conversation, please print and fill out this form prior to our first meeting.

(Note: form is two pages)

Intake forms are just as important for infants and children as they are for adults.  Please fill this form out for your child, if under the age of 12.

(Note: form is two pages)

Intake information is important for your companion animal as well. Please print and fill out this form before our first session.   

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