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Top Questions I Hear From Clients
Do you accept health insurance? 


No, I do not accept insurance.  I can however provide a receipt if your carrier reimburses for massage/bodywork.


Do you do "regular massage"?


Most folks are familiar with Swedish Massage or Deep Tissue Massage and regard these as "regular massage".  Although I have been trained in these types of massage, I concentrate on lighter-touch modalities.  See my Bodywork page for details.    




Do you accept credit cards?


Yes, I accept credit cards, as well as cash and personal checks.  I use Square which accepts Visa, Master Card, Discover and American Express.     



Is your office handicap accessible?

Unfortunately, no.  In July 2015 we moved to a new location, and there is only a staircase to the second floor (the building was built in 1895).  If you are not able to climb a flight of stairs, I am happy to arrange a home visit.  Please contact me to discuss how I can accommodate you.  


Is there free parking at your office?


Yes, there is on-street parking in Boalsburg and there is singage to direct you.  There are also many parking spaces in the front of the building, along Main Street. There are no meters in Boalsburg, parking is free.  

Why "Roots of Space"?

catie rasmussen state college massage therapy craniosacral therapy
The other aspect of the name "Roots of Space" that rings true for me is how it relates to the role of bodywork in our lives.  
I see the major role of bodywork as something that keeps us rooted, grounded and centered, yet at the same time, has the ability to open and create space in the body-mind for healing to occur. 
It is important to walk through life with both feet firmly planted on the earth.  It is also vital that we create space in the body to allow the flow of information and healing energy.



I have always been intrigued in the living world around us; animals, plants, rocks, water, mountains, stars... 

I am truly in awe of how the basic "tree branch" pattern can be seen in so many aspects of the living world; how a microscopic image can look so similar to one taken from outer space.  


From microscopic hairs on tree roots, to the Himalayas as seen from space, to a lighting strike on the ground, this natural pattern knows no size limitations. 


These patterns exist not only in the world around us, but also in the world within us!  The intricate network of arteries, veins, capillaries, nerves, lymphatic vessels all repeat this same pattern. 

This is an a great website that has collated amazing pictures of patterns in nature!  

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