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Catie is excellent at what she does. I have been seeing her for craniosacral therapy and lymphatic drainage for chronic pain and see an immediate improvement of my symptoms with each visit, as well as a sustained improvement in between visits. Catie is thoughtful, thorough, compassionate and has an impressive knowledge of her field, which she is excited to share.


K.M. Jan 27, 2022


Awesome results, including much more energy.

Great appointment in many ways. I had much more energy the next day, mentally was 100%. She did several different modalities on me for the first time. I feel better after every session and feel like I am in a better place as a result of the work she is doing.


Marian Keller Dec 15, 2021


Post Knee-Replacement Treatment

I saw Catie after my first knee surgery, and it was very helpful. The lymph build-up is much worse (and more painful) this time, possibly because the lymph channels may have been cut. Catie worked hard to create "detours" for thelymph, so that it can figure out how to get out of my ankle and my knee. I really appreciate her clear and lucid explanations of how the lymph system works.


Lisa Marshall Dec 12, 2021


Oct 2021

For Centre County Folks, I’ve had several sessions with Catie. She’s trained a few different bodywork modalities. Each experience has been very different… tailored to my particular needs for that meeting. Her sessions are reasonably priced and I always leave with a pleasant demeanor and feeling in a better place ☺️


Daniel K Oct 27, 2021


Chronic Pain Relief

I’ve been seeing Catie for over a year now to help manage my physical, whole body pain. Going to her is like hitting the reset button on my nervous system and repeatedly going to her is contributing to “peeling the onion” and getting to the core of my chronic pain. Her body work calms my nervous system and grounds me…a place where true healing can happen.


Joanna Taylor Oct 26, 2021


Please indulge

Always amazing feeling and results, almost no migraines, less headaches. Relaxing, healing, and meditative.


C.S. Sep 25, 2021


Knowledgeable, Gentle, and Overall Excellent Care.

Catie provided not only gentle care for my infant daughter within her calming studio, but also supportive education that made me feel empowered in the follow-through care I need to implement at home. She prioritizes your time and questions. She exuded professionalism and compassion--a winning combination.


Kellie S. Sep 1, 2021


Gentle and effective!

Catie does amazing work. It's very gentle, but the results can be really intense! She guides the body through the work, but all of the movement and shifting is done by the body. Thank you, Catie, for what you do!


Kristin H Aug 31, 2021


Second Session

Catie is the "real deal" in terms of energetic bodywork. When I leave her sessions, I feel completely aligned and relaxed. Tension drains and my head clears. Body, mind, and soul sync up once again. What distinguishes Catie's work is that she puts the locus of control in the room onto the patient: she fully and completely trusts in her client's body's ability to heal itself. She surrenders and fully invites your body to guide her work. Fabulous.


Meghan Mcginty Aug 24, 2021


A gifted therapist

Catie is an amazing therapist, very attentive and intuitive, plus highly skilled. I look forward to more sessions with her.


Doris Rogalla Jul 13, 2021


Beautiful healing experience

Catie's work on me was carefully done with full attention given to what she was doing (meaning we were both quiet and focused on healing). The whole experience was pleasant, a beautiful space to visit. Thank you Catie!


Laura M Jul 8, 2021



to? Always feel better in so many ways after my time with Catherine. Super professional and one of the nicest people I have ever met.


Denise Person Jun 20, 2021



Amazing alternative therapy- huge relief from migraines and headaches- great therapist- highly recommend


C.S. May 26, 2021


Extremely Therapeutic

Catie was absolutely amazing! The CST she provides is kind and healing. The experience helped me process and move through quite a bit of trauma my body was holding. My appointment with her was definitely one of the most therapeutic and healing experiences of my life. Would recommend to my best of friends and family and can't wait for my next appointment.


Angel M May 3, 2021


Warm, friendly, and healing.

I am so glad I chose Catie. I was looking for a safe place to release some old trauma and stagnant energy. Her atmosphere (sound/sights/smells) combined with her gentle and understanding demeanor immediately were noticeable. She is an excellent listener who opens up an understanding dialogue with her clients. Her COVID protocols were exceptional also. Highly recommend!


Emily P Jan 25, 2021


Still learning about me.

Catie has expertise in healing my physical pains, but is also gifted in listening and understanding emotional pain. It is always a relief to know I will feel better after a visit with Catie.


Marie McCourt Dec 22, 2020


An Oasis of calm and healing

Catie provides a safe environment, personal attention, and therapeutic touch through CST during these stressful times. I felt seen and heard by her kind attention, and magic hands. Very safe, masked, sanitized surroundings, and no one else there.


Carolyn Johnson Dec 14, 2020


Enthusiastically recommend

My reserved, gentle toddler is cautious towards new people; Catie immediately met her where she was at and gave us not just a comfortable, caring first experience, but a fun, playful one too! Catie supported my maternal intuitions, validated concerns I had and how to address them, and helped me understand my daughter's development at a deeper, functional level. Looking forward to continuing our care with Catie! Additionally, her CV19 safety protocols were much appreciated!


Paige S Oct 21, 2020



Incredible relaxing experience. Catie was informative and really provided a thorough understanding of cranio


K.T. Oct 6, 2020


Always Grateful

I will maintain my visits with Catie. It’s amazing to be free of all the physical pain I’ve endured through the years. I don’t feel like a client. It is obvious that Catie cares about you as a person, and truly cares about making you well. I am grateful to myself for finding Catie, who I thought of as a hidden gem.


Marie McCourt Sep 22, 2020


On My Chronic Pain Management A-Team!

Catie is on my team of weekly professionals I see for chronic muscoskeletal pain. She takes the time to listen, is astute at reading my body and we continue to make progress each week. I suffer with much more pain when I miss a week with her. She is very good at what she does and I’m grateful to have her on my team.


Joanna Taylor Sep 15, 2020



A very welcoming and calm space. So grateful to Catie for such an incredible experience. I will definitely continue to ask her to be a part of my health journey.


Rebecca J Aug 18, 2020


Healing cranial sacral massage 💆‍♀️

As always, Catie's magical hands and fingers soothed and calmed my body of stress and tension, allowing natural healing to take place. Very safe practice, we both wore masks and she allows time in between clients to clean and sanitize.


Carolyn Johnson Aug 16, 2020



I am a chiropractor from Alaska and have had many cranial sacral therapists work with me. Catie is, by far, the best and most experienced therapist. I so appreciated the time she spent with me and would recommend her 100%.


Rebekah C. Aug 10, 2020


Happy to be back.

What I missed besides my family and friends during quarantine were my visits to Catie. I am confident my health will continue to be maintained with Catie’s expertise in her healing touch.


Marie McCourt Jun 16, 2020


Wonderful! Highly recommend

Catie is a fantastic craniosacralist. She is fantastic at alignment and takes extra care to focus each session on what is occurring in my every day. Her space is comfortable and inviting and easy to get to. Highly recommended.


Samantha E Mar 17, 2020



I will always be grateful to Catie for her ability to help me heal from debilitating migraines. For many years I have endured jaw and ear pain. It hurt to eat and yawn. My jaw would lock. After a few sessions with the focus on that specific area, I am pain free with no difficulties. I will continue seeing Catie to help maintain my overall health.


Marie McCourt Feb 18, 2020



Catie is truly the best! She listens to your needs and addresses them on the table. Her touch sends you into a trance. She worked on my 13 year old daughter and the day after, she felt better - she suffers from depression. With Catie and a therapist, she is on the right track to feeling healthier.


Catherine C Feb 12, 2020


Plenty of time, very comforting

Catie spent time explaining her work, demonstrating with her brain and skull models where she does some of her work, and sharing an understanding of the impact of this work. She then ensured comfort during the session with blankets. It is a calm and restorative time with much attention and no rush. Beautiful space and wonderful care.


Maggie Ellis Jan 18, 2020


Healing touch

Farming for a living puts a lot of stress on my body. A session with Catie helps my body relieve that stress and centers me.


Sara Eckert Nov 23, 2019




Catie is a wonderful caring therapist. She has helped me be able to deal with my pain. I would highly recommend her to those seeking relaxation and pain relief.


Virginia Gesell Nov 20, 2019



Since discovering Catie and her knowledge and expertise in healing, I have had no migraines or any headache, I’m sleeping thru the night without drugs, and regained my senses of smell and taste. As a result of this healing, I am enjoying life now with a joyful outlook. Emotionally, I have also healed. Catie listens well, obviously cares and focuses on your individual need. I continue to say my life is saved.


Marie McCourt Nov 12, 2019


Living a better life

Life changing experience. Physical and emotional healing Catie has a gentle aura about her. I felt emotional release just walking into her office. This therapy is exactly what I’ve been needing. Life saving.


Marie McCourt Jul 6, 2019


Catie is incredible!

I’ve been suffering from shoulder pain for many years. After surgery the pain didn’t seem to get better. Thankfully I found Catie! She has been able to alleviate the chronic pain so I can get back to my normal activities. I got a new puppy in October. I wouldn’t have been able to welcome my fur baby into my life without feeling better and that’s all thanks to Catie, she’s incredible!


D.H. Apr 9, 2019


Tailored Service

Catie excels since she has learned several body therapy modalities! She asks the client if they have particular issues that they are trying to address. From there, she tailors the session accordingly. I’ve had a few sessions with Catie and they have all been unique!


Daniel Koller Mar 5, 2019


Awesome Work

She has helped relieve pressure inside my neck and around the inner workings of me ears. I highly recommend her services of gentle, relaxing and healing help to your body.


Jay Searles Mar 4, 2019


revitalization that I needed

I came to my appointment tired from many personal stresses. The combination of Catie's gentle energy work and insiteful listening reenergized my body and mind. My spirit was comforted as well.


Fran MacEachren Feb 9, 2019


Great help and very educational

Hi There: Just started seeing Katie, but she is Awesome! I have a difficult condition with the structure of my jaw causing problems with the trigeminal nerve. Basically there is inflammation on the left side and the nerve travels through this area before entering the brain. This inflammation is causing it send signals that are triggering seizures. I am also receiving help from a dentist in Falls Church that has created mouth pieces to correct my bite and together should solve the issue.


Jay Searles Dec 23, 2018


Wonderful Experience

Catie has really help me see that it's possible to heal and overcome from the injuries that I've had to deal with. It's wonderful to deal with someone who truly wants to help you progress!!


Luke Parrish Dec 11, 2018



I had no idea how powerful a craniosacral massage would be for me - in both body and mind. It's not like a typical massage, much more subtle, yet just as healing and refreshing. Catie is professional, talented and highly skilled. She listens and works with your body to provide you with just what it is asking for.


M.C. Dec 1, 2018


Peace of Mind

I have had a lot of health issues lately along with many medications, It gives me peace of mind to have the cleansing that Catie's Cranial sacral massage gives me


Mary Bucher Nov 21, 2018



Catie is amazing and what she does is healing. When I go in for a session, my mind can be spinning and my body hurting but after an hour, I feel fresh and whole again !


Catherine Connors-Kos Nov 6, 2018


More Relaxing Than a Massage!

I've seen Catie for about 15 sessions over the past 9 months and have found her to be very professional, knowledgable and caring. I feel more relaxed and focused after the treatments, and I learn something new each session about the central nervous system and brain physiology.


Mark Johnson Nov 6, 2018


Game Changer

Cranial sacral massage therapy has been a game changer. I still struggle with chronic pain, but it is now brief and manageable. Catie is great to work with - she actively listens and wants to better understand your physical and mental health needs. I couldn't recommend a better LMT! Thanks, Catie!


Faith Ryan Sep 17, 2018


Cranial sacral therapy

Cranial sacral massage therapy with Catie finally enabled me to get rid of my migraine headaches after a decade. It's a miracle!


Carolyn Johnson Sep 11, 2018


Reiki and other therapies

Catie knows several therapies involving touch. She is able to intuitively and nicely blend them together for the client. The atmosphere is very calming and pleasant. Catie strives to provide an excellent experience!


Dan K Sep 9, 2018


Super competent and caring

I am delighted to affirm that Catie Rasmussen is an exceptionally skillful, observant, and caring LMT for creatures great and small. Since I am an 86-pound German Shepherd male (intact, as we say), I need to be discerning about those closest to me. I am honored to include Katie in this circle of trusted loved ones. I have learned to relax and allow her skillful hands and heart to help me. I count her as a friend!


Blaise Grossman Sep 2, 2018


healing and mentorship

I always feel refreshed and energized after a session with Catie. I trust her completely with my personal confidences. Her wisdom and understanding of my life experiences continues to amaze and guide me. I recommend her with enthusiasm and complete respect for her knowledge and her continuing efforts to further advance her practice.


Fran MacEachren Aug 28, 2018


A highly skilled and intuitive therapist

Catie is a highly skilled and intuitive therapist, and is also wonderful with children. We see her for CranioSacral Therapy for my son and his sessions with Catie are benefitting him in a multitude of ways. We highly recommend her!


L., State College, PA Aug 28, 2018

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